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Compact Lidar

The Power To See Your World Differently

Proven Technology and Quality Data From a Name You Can Trust

Teledyne Optech now offers survey-grade OEM lidar sensors that employ proven technology in a compact design for integration with mobile and UAV platforms. Available as a transceiver for system integration, our compact lidar sensors enable high-quality data in complex environments for discriminating surveyors. Featuring exceptional range performance, superior cross-track point density and outstanding vegetation penetration, Teledyne Optech sensors offer best-in-class data precision for tight-tolerance applications.


Introducing the Optech CLS-A, Teledyne Geospatial's new survey-grade UAV laser scanning payload.


Survey grade OEM sensor featuring industry leading maximum scan speeds and the narrowest beam divergence for small feature capture.

CL-360 Marine

Survey Grade for Marine Applications to unlock more detail at further distances than any other system designed for marine survey platforms.


Survey grade OEM sensor featuring superior vegetation penetration and long-range performance for maximum productivity at UAS ceilings.