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Survey Grade UAV Lidar System

UAV Lidar and Camera System

The Optech CLS-A is Teledyne Geospatial’s new survey-grade UAV laser scanning payload. The CLS-A enables the highest quality surveying and inspection applications where the tight integration of a powerful, narrow beam divergence laser, high accuracy kinematic IMU, calibrated camera and powerful post-processing software provides for wide area operation at the maximum operating altitude of UAVs.


Survey-Grade Data

The high precision and accuracy of the CLS-A provides the accuracy required for hard surface engineering grade applications

Long Range

The CLS-A can be operated from 120m agl and still collect data from the floors of pit mines and valleys.

Vegetation Penetration

Narrow beam divergence, long range, wide scan angle, and multiple returns all enable the CLS-A to collect ground returns through dense vegetation.

Calibrated Camera

The CLS-A has a calibrated non-mechanical global shutter camera to colorize the point cloud and aid in point cloud analytics.

LMS Workflow

Data from the CLS-A is processed through the proven workflow of LMS Profession and Applanix Pospac.

North American Manufactured

The CLS-A is manufactured and supported in Canada.


  • Hard-Surface Engineering Surveys
  • Electricity Vegetation Management
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Corridor Monitoring
  • Road / Railway
  • Forestry
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Archaeology


  • Survey-Grade Lidar data from a UAV Platform
  • Operate at the UAV Operating Limit of 120m and and valley floors
  • Camera imagery aids analytic tools
  • Proven workflow of LMS Professional and Applanix POSPAC



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