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CL-360 Marine

Survey Grade for Marine Applications

Capture the Full Picture

Expand survey capabilities to capture data both above and below water. Install the CL-360 Marine on a survey vessel and leverage standard sonar survey workflow tools, such as CARIS HIPS, for streamlined data collection and processing.

The range accuracy and resolution capabilities of the CL-360 Marine enable users to unlock more detail at greater distances compared to any other system designed for application on marine survey platforms. 

Accuracy and Resolution

The CL-360 Marine is the only survey grade lidar designed for marine applications. What does survey grade mean - here are a few of the specifications that matter.

  • 500 kHz pulse rate
  • 250 lines/s
  • 2mm range resolution
  • 0.001 degree angular resolution

In practical terms for your survey that means

  • Better definition of structural components
  • Finer detail in the point cloud to better support analysis
  • Detecting smaller objects such as power lines

Designed for Marine Applications

With an IP67 rating and corrosion resistant components the CL-360 Marine has been designed with the needs of marine survey platforms in mind.

At 3.5kg, the CL-360 marine can be integrated onto most Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USV) which are capable of being equipped with multibeam sonar. A 10m cable kit also allows the system to be easily mounted on crewed vessels.

Long Range

The 490m range capability of the CL-360 Marine allows coastal mapping and shoreline verification data to be collected at further distances, staying out in safer and deeper water. While collecting channel data there is potential to capture both sides of channels of nearly 1km width in a single pass.

Range also becomes crucial when mapping wet surfaces while inspecting infrastructure. A wet surface can absorb up to 90% of the laser pulse energy, significantly reducing the range at which you can map a wet surface.

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