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Mount Solutions

Teledyne Optech gyro-stabilized survey solutions tightly integrate lidar sensors and metric digital mapping cameras with advanced gyro-stabilization mounts for the dynamic leveling of Optech airborne lidar and camera sensors during data collection. Arbitrary rotational movements of the aircraft (roll, pitch and yaw) are dynamically stabilized for increased data collection efficiency, improved point data distribution, and perfectly aligned imagery.

Tightly integrated with Teledyne Optech’s flight management system for reliable, fully-automatic mount control, our GSM survey kits include a compact aluminum sensor frame with carbon-fiber dust cover capable of supporting the Galaxy high-performance lidar sensor with up to two metric mapping cameras for maximum sensor data quality, accuracy and collection efficiency.

Camera options include: PhaseOne iXU1000-RGB; iXU1000-4 Band dual cam; iXM-RS150 RGB; iXM-RS150 4 Band dual cam

Galaxy mounted on GSM4000 gyro-stabilized mount


  • Regularly sampled and aligned data collection
  • Improved collection efficiency (coverage)
  • Predictable lidar point distribution (pitch variability in x-axis)
  • Maximum image production (geometric alignment, perspective)
  • Improved processing efficiency (fewer photos overall)
  • Additional sensors in nadir small-portal installations

Mount Options

  • Integrated Lidar and Camera Mounts
    • LF-410 Gyro-stabilized Mount
  • Standalone Cameras Mounts
    • CF-410 Gyro-stabilized Mount


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