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Sensor System

Teledyne Optech’s new G2 sensor system for the ALTM Galaxy is the perfect solution for doubling your collection efficiency and productivity on those really large survey projects.

Designed specifically for the USGS 3DEP lidar program collections, the G2 sensor system enables efficiency and resolution comparable to FLASH lidar while maintaining independent range measurement and superior data fidelity.

Leveraging the compact form factor of the award winning ALTM Galaxy, the G2 sensor system​​ combines two Galaxy sensor heads and a 150MP camera over a standard 19" aircraft sensor portal.

Key Features and Benefits

All the Features and Benefits of the ALTM Galaxy, now x2!

High Productivity — Reduce Your Collection Times in Half!

  • The unique compact form factor of the ALTM Galaxy enables maximum configuration flexibility with a new option to install two sensors into a single aircraft portal, and/or fly separately for smaller jobs.
  • Maintain all the unique Galaxy feature sets of SwathTRAK™ and PulseTRAK™ to stay ahead of your competition.
  • With a doubling of the effective sampling rate, the G2 sensor system enables lidar point densities rivalling that of much more expensive FLASH lidar systems, but with the ease of collection, processing and data quality found only in a linear-mode lidar sensor.

Superior Data Fidelity

  • Maintain the high measurement confidence possible only from independent range measurement (no data averaging required).
  • Eight discrete returns with eight intensity measures.
  • Superior smooth surface repeatability.

Ease of Use

  • Using your existing Optech workflows, plan and control both sensors via a single flight and mission management system.
  • Single production workflow that processes, calibrates, co-registers and outputs survey-grade LAS files from both sensors, simultaneously.



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