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CZMIL SuperNova

Powerful Topographic/Hydrographic Mapping

A Complete Geospatial Solution.

Combining the sensor technology of Teledyne Optech with data processing powerhouse Teledyne CARIS, CZMIL SuperNova is the next generation topo/bathy lidar system.  Equipped with the most powerful green laser on the market, Supernova provides maximum depth penetration, superior coverage in turbid waters, and better than double the point density of CZMIL Nova.

SuperNova can be programmed for maximum performance in a wide range of environments: topographic, inland waterways, coastal beaches, coral reefs and deep-water marine.  Full waveform capture of land and water opens the door to a variety of data products beyond elevation and depth, such as object detection, water clarity maps, seafloor reflectance and vegetation maps (both on land and submerged).

Data is processed in CARIS BASE Editor software and leverages AI based techniques for land / water discrimination and noise classification. The CARIS processing tools open the door to a full range of processing options from datum shifts to full waveform display and editing to the creation of enhanced information products in a wide variety of formats.

Features & Benefits

  • RGB Cameras
  • Hyperspectral Cameras
  • Simpler to install, easier to service, and less likely to need service
  • CZMIL series is validated and in use by multiple government agencies
  • Best seamless, simultaneous high-resolution topographic/bathymetric imaging
  • Depth penetration up to 75 meters
  • Highest performance in shallow or turbid water
  • Green and IR frequencies available in a single system
  • Superior land/water discrimination and depth resolution
  • Optimized coverage, spatial density and survey rate
  • Technological advancements to this 3rd generation CZMIL sensor include:
    • Deepest depth penetration, best performance in turbid water
    • SmartSpacing technology for even point distribution
    • Up to triple the point density from Nova
    • Field programmable sensor settings for flexibility in different water environments
    • Power of CARIS processing software for creation of seamless topographic/bathymetric data products
    • faster and more sensitive electronics, onboard processing of data and a more evenly distributed surface point spacing.



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