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Civil Engineering

Teledyne Optech instruments acquire dense, accurate and highly detailed 3D data of as-built industrial environments in the field, permitting immediate construction or assembly verification. Use powerful 3D modeling tools to model the real world, checking cross–sections, point-to-point distances and clearance measurements. For construction verification, the inspection and monitoring of construction projects, and to document as-built or retrofit projects.

Efficient solutions for engineering needs
Accurate detail at highway speeds

Application Notes

Power Dam and Retaining Wall Monitoring with ILRIS-3D: Safe, Accurate and Complete (ILRIS)

Regular measurement of changes in hydroelectric dam material holding back water which exerts enormous pressure on the dam and its surrounding terrain.

Sensor Fusion (ILRIS)

Combining Optech terrestrial laser scanners with Optech airborne scanners results in a more complete 3D data set for an area of interest.

Motion Compensation Option Enables GPS Time Stamping (ILRIS)

Precise dynamic motion compensated 3D data sets from boats, trucks or even an airship to reach what you have never been able to scan before—quickly and efficiently.

Measuring Construction Components (Lynx)

Advantages of using mobile laser scanners to effectively monitor and provide spatial data for analysis of critical construction components.


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