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Defense & Custom

Speed and flexibility across large areas

Broaden your project capabilities with tailored solutions

Expand the reach of Teledyne Optech’s technology to open new markets and opportunities for your organization. Teledyne Optech is widely recognized for its technological depth in lidar, camera, and related technologies. We began as an R&D firm and continue to work on special projects with government, military, research and space organizations. Our strong technical base is second to none, and we are constantly refining our ability to exploit sensor technologies for our clients.

Teledyne Optech has extensive experience in deploying systems in challenging environments such as aircraft, vehicles, rail, boats, underground mines, and even in space. To understand and support our clients, our staff has flown in hundreds of aircraft and helicopters around the world, been down dozens of mines, walked hundreds of survey sites, and climbed up mountains and glaciers.

Advantages of Contracting Teledyne Optech Custom Solutions

  • Strong technical base with extensive analysis skills and creative design staff
  • Sensor hardware, firmware, algorithm, and software development
  • Multi-platform experience includes piloted aircraft, UAV, vehicles, boats and spacecraft
  • Customizing to your workflow and multi-sensor installations
  • Senior scientists and technicians provide extensive data analysis
  • Highly experienced in commercializing innovative technology
  • Tailor your solution while keeping it fully supported by one manufacturer