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Natural Resources:

Teledyne Optech instruments quantify environmental change over time, using precise positioning systems and dense, accurate 3D lidar data as well as photogrammetry. Locate areas of maximum erosion on coastlines and fragile terrain, zero in on rock falls and land slips, establish the scale of glacial retreat, and model avalanche zones.

Safely assess environmental conditions
Lidar integrated with spectral sensors

Application Notes

Managing Park Assets to Protect Visitors and Baseline Future Events (ILRIS)

Study after massive rock fall at Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park with injuries and damage.

Using Lidar Data in Coastal Management and Research at Providence Harbor, Rhode Island (ILRIS)

Study by Coastal Institute and Coastal Resources Management Council, Rhode Island, of the effectiveness of Optech ILRIS shoreline stability analysis and change-detection studies.

Environmental Monitoring (Lynx)

With its towering cliffs dropping into Class IV rapids, Hells Canyon has always been a risky obstacle to personnel using conventional land-surveying methods to map the area.


Clear demonstration of effective use of Teledyne Optech sensor systems for ecology in difficult to reach locations. Courtesy of Greg Asner of the Carnegie Institution for Science and TED Talks.

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