Application – Coastal & Marine – Seafloor Classification
Application – Coastal & Marine – Seafloor Classification

Seafloor Classification

The world’s coastlines are constantly changing with urban expansion and the effect of altered water conditions. There is a need to quickly characterize large areas off the coasts, and only an airborne sensor can map these relatively shallow waters at the rate necessary. Optech CZMIL has much more than just a water-penetrating laser for bathymetry; it also offers fully integrated hyperspectral and visible spectrum cameras. “Fully integrated” means not only simultaneous data collection, but also automated data fusion and classification algorithms built in to the Optech HydroFusion software. All CZMIL systems come with the HydroFusion software package, which provides a complete workflow from flight planning, to processing, classification, and data analysis.

At right is an example of CZMIL-derived bottom classification in Florida water ranging from the shore to a depth of about 36 meters.



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