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Lidar Mapping Suite, Pro Edition

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Teledyne Optech LMS Pro introduces a new paradigm to high volume and complex 3D data processing. It takes the dedication to efficiency and accuracy of LMS Standard to an amazing new level, enabling blazing fast speeds through distributed processing while using complex optical and mathematical models to rectify lidar data files to such a level of accuracy and quality that they require no further refinement, independent of the operator of the software.


  • Provides pre- and post-rectification results, plus relative and absolute accuracy comparisons
  • Includes full range of coordinate transformations, geoidal modeling and datum adjustment capabilities from Blue Marble for direct output in the local reference frame
  • Incorporates batch processing and enhanced metrics to minimize user interaction
  • Processes data from all TDY-Optech kinematic mapping systems
  • Supports LAS 1.1 to 1.4 output formats as well as LAZ compression
  • Independent of the operator, achieves the same high accuracy consistently
  • Automated overlap interrogation and automatic calibration based on extracted features in overlap areas to maximize processing efficiency
  • Distributed processing shortens processing time
  • Advanced rectification techniques improve accuracy and quality even further


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