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Fixed Mounts

Mount Solutions

Ideal for mounting Teledyne Optech airborne survey and mapping solutions in aircraft with standard openings, this mount simultaneously supports a lidar sensor and up to two camera sensors. The fixed mount can accommodate a Galaxy lidar sensor, plus up to two metric cameras (eg. single RGB or 4-band dual cam) in the following configurations:

Galaxy PRIME/T1000/T500 +:

  • Single nadir camera centered
  • Single nadir camera offset
  • Two nadir cameras
  • Camera options include: Phase One iXU-1000 RGB; iXU-1000 4-band; iXM-RS150 RGB; iXM-RS150 4-band
2-Station Mount


  • Regularly sampled and aligned data collection
  • Improved collection efficiency (coverage)
  • Predictable lidar point distribution (pitch variability in x-axis)
  • Maximum image production (geometric alignment, perspective)
  • Improved processing efficiency (fewer photos overall)
  • Additional sensors in nadir small-portal installations

Mount Options

  • Integrated Lidar and Camera Mounts
    • LF-410 Gyro-stabilized Mount
  • Standalone Cameras Mounts
    • CF-410 Gyro-stabilized Mount
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