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Flight Management Suite

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Teledyne Optech FMS is an integrated workflow tool that handles flight planning, multiple sensor system control and monitoring, and navigation in one convenient package. It gives you real-time in-air information on your lidar/camera survey mission—as it happens. By moving many post-flight data verification processes into the air at the time of data collection, Teledyne Optech FMS enables you to make real-time decisions quickly and competently while still airborne. Now you can deliver on demand high-accuracy LAS point clouds for emergency and rapid response applications.

Teledyne Optech FMS is fully compatible with Galaxy, Orion and Pegasus ALTMs as well as Teledyne Optech CS-series cameras.


Airborne Mission Manager
(flight planning)

  • Create survey plans graphically or manually, importing maps and files as needed
  • Independent flight line parameter and sensor control
  • Create, display and edit survey polygons and individual flight lines
  • Wide-area and corridor-based survey planning methods
  • Create survey polygons that contain many parallel flight lines as well as individual flight lines
  • Simultaneous DEM-based mission planning of lidar sensor configurations for up to 4 cameras
  • Independent camera trigger modes including fixed time, fixed distance, real-time fixed end-lap and fixed geographic position
  • Solar calculator for sun zenith angle photo planning
  • Nadir and oblique camera planning

(data collection & navigation)

  • Reduce flight time and costs with real-time camera preview and lidar point cloud displays with coverage maps
  • Ensure data quality in real time by reviewing detailed system status windows, system alert logs and coverage during data collection
  • Real-time preview LAS file generation and storage in the air
  • Coverages and flight lines exportable in KML, SHP, DXF and other formats
  • On-the-fly mission planning via a real-time fixed-endlap camera trigger mode
  • In-air sensor parameter optimization



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