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Natural Resources:
Geology, Mining, Geotechnical

Compact, field-ready Teledyne Optech instruments scan, model and analyze geological features and natural phenomena such as rock faces, volcanoes, glaciers, rock falls and landslide hazards, including change detection over time. In mines around the world, rugged Teledyne Optech products scan underground, and in open pits and quarries, quickly and safely. For volume calculations, production and safety monitoring, slope analysis, change detection and other elements of mine planning and operations, the Teledyne Optech CMS and ILRIS systems map the way.

Collect detailed data from safe locations
Map 3D detail from most locations

Application Notes

Optech and Gexcel Combine Forces to Provide a Complete Mining Solution (ILRIS)

A new suite of software provides a complete workflow solution for efficiently collecting and processing 3D laser scanner data from ILRIS in even the most challenging environments.

Managing Park Assets to Protect Visitors and Baseline Future Events (ILRIS)

Study after massive rock fall at Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park with injuries and damage.

One Tool, Multiple Uses: Mine Safety, Volume Calculation, Change Detection (ILRIS)

Advances in lidar in 3D laser scanning technology for mining to improve mine safety, streamline efficiency and increase profitability.

Using Static and Mobile Laser Scanners to Measure Open Pit Mines (ILRIS)

Terrestrial laser scanning enables the acquisition of massive amounts of georeferenced spatial data in a fraction of the time traditional methods require, and can be set up as a static sensor or mounted on a vehicle for mobile operation.


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