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Corridor & Asset:

Teledyne Optech’s lidar and camera products map highways and railroads from the air or on the ground for complete asset and inventory management projects. Inspect bridges and overpasses without disrupting traffic and from a safe location. Measure deflection in a few hours instead of days. Capture road barriers, surface cracks, ditches, encroaching overhead wires, light poles, and road signs. For rail, measure overhanging wires and vegetation, tunnel/bridge clearances, and much more.

Transportation planning
Capture accurate data efficiently

Application Notes

Using Mobile Lidar to Survey a Railway Line for Asset Inventory (Lynx)

Mobile mapping is a faster and safer way to track and evaluate rail-side assets.

Topographical Survey Airport Tarmac Analysis (ILRIS)

Using lidar technology to efficiently collect key information, vital points and the coordinates required to accurately complete a demanding task.

Mobile Surveying for Transportation Infrastructure (Lynx)

Geospatial data is crucial to keeping transportation corridors open and operating smoothly.


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