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Coastal & Marine:

Teledyne Optech instruments quantify environmental change over time, using precise positioning systems and dense, accurate 3D lidar data as well as photogrammetry. Teledyne Optech provides a variety of sensors, though characterization of the water column, detection of underwater leaks, or classification of coral reefs and other features in the underwater environment needs the power of the CZMIL system. It’s the ideal coastal environment monitoring system, able to:

  • Locate areas of maximum erosion on coastlines
  • Produce seamless land and shallow water characterization
  • Map bathymetry to 60 meters or more with ideal conditions
  • Assess the condition of the water column
  • Provide a comprehensive classification of bottom features
River channel and outflow measurement
Systems for accurate data collection by air or water

Application Notes

Using Lidar Data for Coastal Management & Research at Providence Harbor, RI (ILRIS)
Study by Coastal Institute and Coastal Resources Management Council, Rhode Island, of the effectiveness of Optech ILRIS shoreline stability analysis and change-detection studies.

Environmental Monitoring (Lynx)
With its towering cliffs dropping into class IV rapids, Hells Canyon has always been a risky obstacle to personnel using conventional land-surveying methods to map the area.

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