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Coastal & Marine:
Coastal & Shoreline Mapping

With a large percentage of the world’s population living along coasts, Teledyne Optech’s coastal and bathymetric mapping systems fill a critical need for maritime agencies, urban planners, disaster management authorities and environmental management authorities. Backed by more than 25 years of experience in lidar bathymetry, Teledyne Optech systems deliver simultaneous coastal infrastructure, high-density topo/bathy data from lidar, hyperspectral and RGB camera across the land/water interface.

Sensors for terrain & water
Seamless topo/bathy

Application Notes

Using Lidar Data for Coastal Management & Research at Providence Harbor, RI (ILRIS)
Study by Coastal Institute and Coastal Resources Management Council, Rhode Island, of the effectiveness of Optech ILRIS shoreline stability analysis and change-detection studies.

Optech ILRIS TLS - Motion Compensation Option Enables GPS Timestamping
Collecting precise dynamic motion-compensated 3D data sets from a moving platform using the ILRIS laser scanner. Integrated with a GPS/IMU, ILRIS provides georeferenced datasets from a boat or vehicle.

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