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Image Pre-processor

Teledyne Optech PixelPhysics is an image pre-processor that automatically prepares raw camera data from Teledyne Optech’s CS-series of cameras for input into third-party software for next steps. After your survey, PixelPhysics converts imagery from the camera’s native format, performs basic image adjustments such as color, gamma and exposure correction, and links each image to its associated GPS time, ready for use by your favorite third-party post-processing tools. For improved image clarity and accuracy in Teledyne Optech’s CS-6500, CS-10000 and cameras, PixelPhysics even provides customized corrections based on each camera’s specific calibration parameters.

All of this is done in a single automated pass for your entire survey, so you can get down to business with your imagery as soon after the flight.

PixelPhysics Advantages

  • Automated workflow requiring minimal user input
  • Customized calibration of Teledyne Optech’s most popular cameras for maximum clarity
  • Batch image adjustments for higher image quality
  • Association of each image to its GPS time for later georeferencing
  • Flexible output to 8- or 16-bit JPEG or TIFF


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