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Scanning, Viewing, Processing

The Teledyne Optech ILRIS Scan software solution is an all-in-one scanning, viewing, and processing software tool developed for the Teledyne Optech ILRIS Terrestrial Laser Scanner in partnership with Italian software solutions company Gexcel Srl. Combining Teledyne Optech’s powerful, fully functional ILRIS API with Gexcel’s geomatics experience, ILRIS Scan provides a single interface for the entire survey workflow, from scanning to processing to data review. With ILRIS Scan, you can make your surveys faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before:

  • One package for the entire workflow—no need to switch between applications
  • Results available in the field for immediate quality assurance and deliverables
  • Simple interface enables non-technical personnel to use ILRIS with minimal training

ILRIS Scan Feature Comparison

Feature Scan Match Scan Works Scan Pro Scan Full
ILRIS control and parsing X X X X
Import third-party lidar data formats       X
Point cloud filtering and editing X X X X
Cloud-to-cloud best-fit alignment and georeferencing X X X X
Bundle adjustment X X X X
Meshing type 1: Uniform and multi-resolution mesh     X X
Meshing type 2: Delaunay mesh for building façade     X X
Meshing type 3: Topographic mesh – DTM   X X X
Virtual scan and point-clustering tools X X X X
Verification tool for planarity and change-detection maps   X X X
Point cloud color editing     X X
External camera calibration and high-resolution texture mapping     X X
Internal camera calibration tools (CamCal+)       X
Cross-sections X X X X
Orthophoto, cylindrical and spherical images extraction X X X X
Orthophoto using high-resolution textured models       X
Linear distances, areas and volumes, link to AutoCAD X X X X
Tunnelling tools (cross-section)   X X X
Cut and fill volumes   X X X
Crest and toe extraction   X X X
Mesh border edge detection     X X
Annotation and hyperlink to external file X X X X
3D model fly-through video generation X X X X




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