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Lynx Camera Solutions

Complement and enhance lidar data

Cameras complement and enhance the lidar data collected by the Lynx Mobile Mapper™ by providing co-located, simultaneous and georeferenced imaging of the scene surveyed by the sensors. This imagery is a valuable deliverable to offer your customers, both on its own and also as a colorized point created by fusing the camera and lidar data. Such a multi-sensor system adds value to the lidar data at a minimal financial and operational cost.

Optech offers seamless integration with the Point Grey Ladybug® 360° imaging camera. The camera solution is tightly integrated with the Lynx Survey data collection software as well as with the data processing workflow.


  • Installation with Lynx sensors on roof rack for shared POS data
  • Registration with GPS time for georeferencing of each image
  • Integrated operation with Lynx Survey software
  • Simultaneous collection with lidar data for better quality assurance
  • Ruggedized for high-speed mobile collection
  • Customizable location and orientation (5-MP cameras)
  • 360° field of view camera (Ladybug®)


  • Corridor & Asset
    • Asset Management
    • Utilities
  • Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Rail


Model Description
5-Megapixel Camera
Part number: lynx-5mp
Lens, Standard

F1.4/8 mm lens

Frame rate

Up to 3 FPS

Image resolution, (H) horizontal (V) vertical

2456 x 2058, scalable

Field of view

Horizontal 57°, vertical 47°

CCD/chip dimension

2/3” Bayer mosaic color progressive scan

Pixel size

3.45-μm square pixels


12 VDC

Weight (1)

200 g

Dimensions (H x W x L) (1)

55 x 55 x 55 (mm)


70 G


10 G (20 Hz to 200 Hz)

Operating/storage temperature

-5°C to +45°C / -25°C to +60°C

Operating/storage relative humidity

20-90% non-condensing


1 - Excluding enclosure




Document Type
Lynx Cameras Datasheet PDF
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