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Aerial Lidar for Bathymetry

Coastal & Marine Systems

The most powerful airborne coastal and marine mapping system on the market just got better

Optech CZMIL Nova is not only the most capable airborne bathymetric mapping system available today; it is also the most efficient. With a powerful yet more efficient laser, it maps deeper while flying higher, reaching depths of 80 meters in clear waters. The enhanced design and automated processing tools produce simultaneous high-resolution 3D data and imagery of the beach and shallow water seafloor, including coastal topography, bathymetry, benthic classification and water column characterization. CZMIL has been proven to outperform other bathymetric sensors in shallow, turbid waters, and CZMIL Nova improves on this with greater ease of use, smaller size, and less power consumption. Its bathymetric lidar is integrated with a hyperspectral imaging system and digital metric camera. Optech HydroFusion, a powerful end-to-end software suite, handles data from all three sensors—from mission planning to post- processing, delivering fused lidar and imagery datasets, bottom classifications, and even submerged object detection. Enhancements include CZMIL HydroFusion won the MAPPS Geospatial Products and Services Excellence Award for Technology Innovation.

CZMIL Project Program

The CZMIL Project Program is a way that organizations of various types and sizes can realistically consider using a system as powerful as CZMIL Nova. As this amazing technology has developed, only large government agencies had access to its advantages. They often need the capabilities of such a system for extended periods, which is why several have invested significantly in owning their own CZMIL Nova system. However, some organizations may only need such a sophisticated system as CZMIL Nova for a short period of time, for specific projects. For these organizations, the CZMIL Project Program provides the perfect solution. It is a complete and flexible package, providing full use of a CZMIL Nova system along with the required technical and logistical support to fully train these organizations on the system and meet their project needs.

To learn more, check out our CZMIL Project Program flyer

Features & Benefits

  • RGB Cameras
  • Hyperspectral Cameras
  • 30% smaller and 25% lighter, with >15% less power required
  • Simpler to install, easier to service, and less likely to need service
  • More compact and efficient laser with precise pulse parameter control
  • CZMIL series is validated and in use by multiple government agencies
  • Best seamless, simultaneous high-resolution topographic/bathymetric imaging
  • Depth penetration up to 75 meters
  • Highest performance in shallow or turbid water
  • Detects objects as small as 1 meter cube in water up to 25 meters deep
  • Green and IR frequencies available in a single system
  • Superior land/water discrimination and depth resolution
  • Optimized coverage, spatial density and survey rate
  • Best operational productivity with all-in-one HydroFusion software workflow


  • Coastal & Marine
  • Coastal & Shoreline
  • Disaster Management
  • Shallow, Turbid & Muddy Water
  • Submerged Object Detection
  • Defense & Security
  • Natural Resources
  • Environmental

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