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Surveying & Mapping:
Wide Area Mapping

Whether it’s for state-wide mapping projects, flood plain mapping, forest management initiatives, or generic topographic mapping, Teledyne Optech products have been tested and proven over large areas around the world for almost 40 years. Teledyne Optech ALTM lidar and metric camera sensors map extensive areas while delivering enhanced target detail with high accuracy and precision, with the added benefit of powerful workflow software to maximize project efficiency.

Airborne Camera
Airborne lidar

Application Notes

Using Optech LMS to Calibrate Survey Data without Ground Control Points (Pegasus) 
Results for rugged and undeveloped terrain with almost no regular geometric structures for ground control points.

Integrated Lidar and Camera Solutions for Airborne Wide-Area Mapping 
Highly configurable lidar and digital camera sensors lead the industry in high-altitude coverage, covering the ground quickly and safely while capturing detail with high accuracy and precision.

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