Airborne Survey – Coastal & Marine Systems
Airborne Survey – Coastal & Marine Systems

Coastal & Marine Systems

Optech CZMIL Nova is the most validated and innovative airborne coastal zone mapping system available today, outperforming all other sensors of its type on the market in real-world conditions. It produces simultaneous high-resolution 3D data and imagery of coastal topography, bathymetry up to 80 meters depth in clear waters, benthic classification, submerged object detection, water column characterization, and provides the most bottom detail in turbid and muddy bottom conditions.

The new multispectral Titan sensor enables a variety of new 3D mapping applications, though also provides bathymetry in shallow, clear water. It provides seamless terrestrial and water depth measurement, enabling the collection of data sets that span the entire land-water interface to depths up to 15 meters.


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