Application – Coastal & Marine – Shallow, Turbid & Muddy Water
Application – Coastal & Marine – Shallow, Turbid & Muddy Water

Shallow, Turbid & Muddy Water

Where other sensors return no data due to turbid or muddy conditions, CZMIL comes with Optech HydroFusion and advanced muddy bottom algorithms that can detect bottom in these conditions. Optech scientists are constantly testing the system with new algorithms that advance the state of the art beyond what was considered possible before.

The images at right start with an example of a plot showing the bottom returns possible with the new algorithm specifically designed for the integrated sensor system that is CZMIL. Beyond a simple bathymetric system, and combined with the power of HydroFusion, CZMIL is a true water column and bottom characterization system. The muddy bottom example shows how an additional 12 meters of depth was mapped for the shallow area shown.



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