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Cavity Monitoring System

Static 3D Products

The industry-leading Teledyne Optech CMS is an ideal scanning solution for dangerous and inaccessible cavities in standard mining operations—the CMS head extends into the cavity while the operator stands clear, improving safety. The system is easy to transport and set up and is fully programmable, allowing the operator to define scan parameters. CMS delivers data in universally adopted data formats suitable for any software workflow, improving mine efficiency and operations by giving insight into the mine’s actual structure.

The latest V500 model offers new and enhanced features that make CMS even more valuable to mine operators, including an integrated camera, backsight/resection capability, a thinner profile, wireless operation, an extended field of view, and an optional cart.

CMS V500 

  • Accurate 3D models of cavities enable quick and easy data comparison
  • Real-time data visualization helps check data quality immediately, before leaving the site
  • Remote operation lets operator monitor target from a safe area
  • Lightweight and portable hardware deploys easily with a single operator
  • Measures non-cooperative targets to deliver usable data even in harsh, wet, and dusty underground conditions
  • Fast data acquisition time lets you get in, survey, and then get out quickly, reducing exposure to danger
  • Universal data export formats put CMS data into all third-party mine planning and visualization software and CAD platforms for analysis

CMS V500
New Capabilities

  • Unique-to-market integrated internal camera delivers real-time still and video imagery
  • Backsight and resection capabilities in operating software improve workflow
  • Thin 130 mm (5.2 in) profile fits through small openings
  • Single-unit sensor removes all cables and external batteries for enhanced portability and setup time
  • Wireless PC operation increases flexibility and ease of use
  • Extended 320° field of view increases viewable area of cavities
  • Optional cart deploys sensor into dangerous areas such as draw points


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    • Geology, Mining & Geotechnical
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