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Airborne Bathymetric Mapping

Software Products

Teledyne Optech HydroFusion is a powerful end-to-end software suite for the Teledyne Optech CZMIL airborne bathymetric mapper that accelerates data and product delivery, and improves the quality of information products derived from fused lidar and imagery datasets. It automatically produces high-resolution 3D data and environmental image products by combining data from three sensors—bathymetric lidar, hyperspectral imaging system and digital metric camera—within a data fusion paradigm.

Teledyne Optech HydroFusion includes mission planning, data processing and the generation of the final product, all in one easy-to-use interface.

HydroFusion Advantages

  • Provides a single workflow interface from planning to deliverables
  • Sophisticated built-in algorithms for faster and simpler processing workflow
  • High-quality chart deliverables and IHO Order bathymetric products
  • Built-in software for hyperspectral data processing and camera orthomosaic processing
  • Provides automated process for information extraction
    • Water quality (IOPs) characterization
    • Shallow water seafloor classification
    • Water column characterization
    • Water bottom characterization
    • Spectral bottom characterization
    • Data fusion benthic habitat classification
    • Rapid mapping of hazardous areas

HydroFusion Applications

Coastal & Marine

  • Bathymetry
  • Coastal & Shoreline
  • Seafloor Classification
  • Shallow, Turbid & Muddy Water
  • Submerged Object Detection


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