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Galaxy Onboard

Land with Answers

Real Time. All The Time.

Galaxy Onboard is designed for Airborne Lidar applications that demand real-time data, and businesses who want to increase their ROI with the ability to produce and deliver projects faster. Galaxy Onboard extends the industry-leading Galaxy sensor into a full workflow solution by processing and quality-controlling full-resolution point cloud data in real time. 

Galaxy Onboard

Word from the field

WGI is an award-winning engineering services firm recognized for their exceptional service and innovative work in the design of technology-driven solutions for construction and management of public infrastructure, real estate and natural resources.

“As a long-time lidar sensor user with an understanding of Teledyne Optech sensors and workflows, I was looking forward to experiencing the Teledyne Galaxy Onboard solution and I admit to being impressed after a successful demonstration on one of our projects. The first words that come to mind are slick, easy to use, and a modern look and feel...

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By reducing data processing and automating manual and error prone work, Galaxy Onboard accelerates project deliverables by generating full resolution data in real time. This data can be used as a preliminary deliverable, enabling more efficient QC and post-processing.  For time-critical and emergency applications, Galaxy Onboard alleviates processing time and shortens time to insight allowing response crews to engage faster than ever.


With the introduction of features like Spec Doc and Status Strips, Galaxy Onboard can quickly reveal obscure information about the quality of data being acquired in real-time.  This provides confidence in data by enabling field rejections and better prediction of reflights while in the air.  Access to flight line progress and data quality information at a glance reduces guess-work and mental duress on the flight crew and provides an instantaneous method for decisions on reflight or approve and send-to-office decisions. 

So Easy, Everyone Can Use It

Galaxy Onboard was designed to be user-friendly without compromising on its productivity.  The inclusion of new features designed to be intuitive and easy to learn reduces the cognitive load in decision-making during flight.

Survey Reimagined

Real-time Point Cloud Processing

Faster than data collection for low density applications. As fast as data collection for typical density applications.

  • Deliver a preliminary full resolution dataset and a report immediately after landing with in-air processing
  • Execute on a larger volume of projects more efficiently. 
  • Provide answers during emergencies (flooding, hurricanes, forest fires, defense) by making data immediately available for response.

Real-time Status Strip

Define pass, fail, and warning criteria at flight planning stage and Galaxy Onboard quality controls the data instantaneously by leveraging that defined criteria for density and gaps.

  • Confidently re-fly data that is flagged as not meeting spec in the Status Strip ultimately reducing schedule delays.
  • Reduce field cost and procedure complexity by immediately actioning the QC Report. 
QC Report

Galaxy Onboard produces a comprehensive QC Report including density, gap, and elevation maps.

  • Reduce field cost and procedure complexity by immeditely actioning the QC Report.
  • Delivers of a snapshot of project progress and data quality thus empowering analysts to quickly respond to project schedule.

Flight Queue
  • Real-time visibility into flight plan progress and flexibility to work around weather and air traffic constraints.
  • User-vetted interface and workflow that is intuitive, reduces training requirements.

Network Surveyor for Utilities

Powered by Galaxy Edge

Designed specifically to meet the time constraints for electric utilities, Network Surveyor combines unmatched lidar technology with edge processing to deliver actionable data in near real time. Land with data ready for ingestion into the digital twin and identify critical infrastructure risks within hours. Network Surveyor lowers operating costs, reduces risk and increases public safety of critical infrastructure assets.

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